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Join our community and let these "Kids with Tie" teach you about market cycles and mature as an investor along with them as you see your NFT becoming a successful adult taking good decisions.

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By minting your "Kids with Ties", you're contributing to a charity fund in ADA to help those in need and spread adoption.

UNICEF estimates that Africa's child population will reach 1 billion by 2055, making it the largest among all continents. Population keeps growing at an accelerated rate, and more people are living in poverty. For this reason, Save The Children launched Kumwe Hub, an African-based impact innovation pilot in its Rwanda Office. It aims to change structural problems in Africa to ensure every child has protection, education and health. They created an impact program named Kumwe Hub, that has the mission to collaborate with the private sector, in order to benefir from its innovation and technologies to achieve a better development in the communities.

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In Kids with Ties, we have committed to donate 10% of the minitng revenue to Kumwe Hub, every 10% of the minting process with proof of donation on our Official channels to provide financial help to support children in the most impactful ways possible.

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